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welcome to dehofhouding daylilies in 2019


Glorious Hemerocallis in our nursery. Sometime in July 2018.
Glorious Hemerocallis in our nursery. Sometime in July 2018.
Honoring our ancestors...
Honoring our ancestors...

de hofhouding daylilies

In loving memory of our ancestors... 

de Hofhouding Daylilies & Wild Plants will be back in October 2020.

Lots of splash colored daylily cultivars.                                                    you soon...

de Hofhouding Daylilies 2020

de Hofhouding is a small nursery of daylilies in the beautiful Hageland region, in the heart of Belgium and close to Leuven and Brussels.

In 1993 I was growing all kinds of plants ranging from mediterranian plants like Punica granatum or Eryobothra japonica to Mandragora officinalis and other quite rare native species. Gradually I narrowed down my stock to only a few species and eventually I settled down with Hemerocallis, which is a fairly easy genius to grow and propagate.

Daylilies are frost resistant ( though not all) and amazingly drought tolerant. They can do without a lot of fertilizers while still flowering in abundancy. They need 6 or 7 sunny hours a day though and then...they look great anyway!

de Hofhouding

Hooghuis 34

3221 Nieuwrode


Vat 0733.267.936

Open: all day long from March to July; sometimes from August to February.

Phone: Jan Lecock (that’s me) +32486505858